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The view of the well that Joshua Spooner was throw down when he was killed in 1778. It is still located in Brookfield,Massachusetts


Joshua Spooner and his wife Bathsheba lived in Brookfield Massachusetts during the American Revolution. Bathsheba did what most women did, got married to the wealthiest option and dealt with her unhappiness. Well, even though Joshua had money (he was a wealthy planter) he could not give her happiness. Bathesheba began to have a liason, love affair adulterous journey with a dashing COntinental army captain by the name of Ezra Ross. Ross and Bathesheba became pregnant.

Joshua was an abusive man, according to Bathesheba and no amount of money could make her see past that. So on the night of March 1,1778 she enlisted two other soldiers to help Ezra beath Joshua to death and throw him down the well.


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Bathesheba\’s lover Ezra was only 16 years old when he fathered the 32 years olds child and killed her husband. The townspeople questioned her and the three soldiers who were captured and tried. Why kill him? Abuse, she stated again.
Her lover couldn\’t kill Joshua, even though she gave him the poison to do it and opportunities more than once. So she enlisted the help of two British soldiers who were AWOL. They gladly accepted her invitation, she told Ezra who came to help.

She was convicted, claimed she was pregnant and was given a examination. They did not find evidence and hung her. She was the first woman in America to be executed after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

So keep thee from the Evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman. Neither let her take thee with her eyelids. There are a thousand dangers, that poor young wretches are in by reason of the snares & traps which are everywhere laid … particularly the poor beardless youth not quite 18.
July 5, Rev. Ebenezer Parkman

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